Oxidative Stress and Eye Health

The eye requires specific nutrients to prevent oxidative stress and maintain optimal function. With aging, however, the level of many of these essential nutrients can decline, and the eyes' capacity to clear toxic metabolic by-products that induce oxidative stress, known as reactive oxygen species or free radicals, is diminished.1,5 Oxidative damage is believed to play a significant role in the development and progression of age-related macular changes.

The vital antioxidants that help keep ocular tissues healthy must come from diet or dietary supplements because our body cannot make them.6 The standard Canadian diet often does not provide enough quantities of food rich in these nutrients, especially in older people.2 Nutritional supplementation offers a convenient way to help ensure daily intake of ocular nutrients that are deficient in the diets of many older Canadians.4

By taking an eye vitamin and mineral supplement, like Ocuvite® Adult 50+, which contains sufficient levels of important nutrients, your patients can help protect their eye health.4

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